It’s hard to live away from someone you care and love. But there is always a way to stay connected and to strengthen your relationship, thanks to modern tech. You might not be able to be a part of their lives, living miles away from them, but you can definitely make their days better by showering them with gifts. There are several ways to go about this. You can either gift them something nostalgic or go with their favorite products. If you are confused about what to gift them this festive season, we’ve got the right ideas for you. Take a look.

1) Customized passport holders
Regardless of the way one decides to travel (by air, train or car), they still have to protect themselves from losing important documents. With a passport holder, it’s easy and comfortable to manage valuable papers. So, why not gift your loved one an innovative passport holder? Customize it with symbols of their favorite hobbies, places & movies. They are sure to have a lot of fun wrapping their passports in a pretty holder.

2) New duvet sets
If you have a friend who recently moved to another country, most likely they wouldn’t want to spend on bedding towels. While they are busy setting up their new house, you can surprise them with a cozy duvet set. Make sure you choose one with all the Christmas hues to spread the festive spirit.

3) Experiences
It’s the season of holidays! Depending on the location of your friend/relative, you could gift them a package. This can include spa packages, adventure activities, culinary classes, and short trips.

4) Kindle
If your friend is someone who’s been missing their old books back home, a kindle is a safe bet. They’ll definitely miss out on the fresh smell of the pages, but you can definitely gift them the joy of reading.

5) Coffee table diaries
It’s the time of resolutions. You might want to gift your lazy friend a diary for the next year. Let him/her take a note of all their New Year resolutions and tick each one off. You can customize the book by adding quirky motivational quotes.

6) An old-fashioned letter
Last but not the least surprise your special one with an old-fashioned letter. Send them postcards with photographs of your season’s festivities. This will instantly cheer them up — much more than the Skype sessions and frequent text messages.

These are some easy-to-post gift ideas for you. Do not worry about the postage costs and possible breakages anymore. DTDC has extended its quality service network around the world across 240 countries. We can now pack and deliver your box of happiness through our International Courier Services. To know more log on to DTDC